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Strapper Awards

The Victorian Wakeful Club appreciates the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the racing industry. Day in, day out strappers travel horses the length and breath of the country to attend race meetings. We decided we wanted to give something back to the hard working and dedicated strappers and so the Strappers Prize was developed.


In May 2014, The Victorian Wakeful Club began targeting Country Cup meetings to award a Strapper with a cash prize for the best presented horse. From Manangatang to Stony Creek and Warrnambool to Mansfield our Members volunteer their time to attend, judge and present the Strapper with his/her award. To date over $16,000 has been awarded in prizes to the strappers.




Race Day Judging Criteria

Member(s) of the Victorian Wakeful Club will be present in the Mounting Yard as horses parade prior to the race.

They will observe the horses parading, make their decision and when the horses go out onto the track before the race they will present the prize to the Strapper and take a quick photograph as the horses go down towards the barriers.

What the judges will be looking out for:


Tail and forelock clean, brushed and conditioned

Mane pulled and brushed or plaited

Feet Oiled

Tack clean and in good condition


Clothes and appearance neat and clean

Suitability of clothes for Strapping

Appropriate Footwear for Strapping

Prizes are a minimum of $200 cash so if you are a Strapper with a horse in a Strappers Prize race, best of luck!


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